SquareForge: Damagred Clay Pottery (Unity Asset Store) Damaged Clay Pottery (Available now in the Unity Asset Store)

Damaged Clay Pottery

Models: 30
Prefabs: 32

Designs: 15
Variations: 7

SquareForge - Damaged Clay Pottery

Damaged Clay Pottery offers many variations of broken up, shattered, crumbled, crushed, disassembled, or otherwise damaged objects. The collection includes 15 uniquely designed undamaged pots (used as the foundation) and 6 variations of damaged pots from each foundation piece, making a total of 195 unique prefabs for your game.

The demo scenes showcase all 195 objects in a couple of galleries where you can walk through and observe each item close-up (Static or Dynamic props).

Verts & Tris

Each individual fragmented shard contains a couple of hundred verts and tris. There are just too many objects to make a complete list here. There are an average of about 2,500 verts and 1,500 tris per pot. I've selected one random pot to outline below.

Clay Pot 04d Breakdown of Verts and Tris
Fragment #1: 414 verts, 236 tris
Fragment #2: 315 verts, 212 tris
Fragment #3: 198 verts, 132 tris
Fragment #4: 229 verts, 158 tris
Fragment #5: 605 verts, 344 tris
Fragment #6: 207 verts, 130 tris
Fragment #7: 809 verts, 450 tris

You will probably want to limit the number of Dynamic Pots that you place in each area. I was able to stack about 50 of them up before my computer began to lag, but that was without any other objects in the scene as well.

All objects have been UV mapped with diffuse and normal textures applied.

Undamaged Clay Pottery (Before)

Undamaged Clay Pottery (Before)

Damaged Clay Pottery (After)

Damaged Clay Pottery (After)

SquareForge: Close-up of Undamaged Clay Pottery
SquareForge: Close-up of Cracked Clay Pottery