PDF Caverns

Description: Rough, jagged edges line the walls of these caverns. Spiderwebs, skulls and bones are strewn throughout the cave-like environment. Our cavern tile sets are designed to give the most flexibility while putting together combat settings for your adventurers. All cavern tiles feature an earth-brown flagstone floor set against a smokey-gray stone wall.


Format: PDF
Document Size: 8.5" x 11"
Resolution: 300 dpi

Tile Count: 60
Tile Size: 3" x 3"
Scale: 25mm (1")

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Caverns Master Set

Caverns Master Set

Caverns Expansion Set

Caverns Expansion Set

Sample Caverns Scene

Sample Caverns Scene with Master & Expansion Set Combination

Detail View

Cavern Tile Sample (detailed view, cropped to fit on page)