Isometric view of Sample Dungeon by SquareForge
New PDF Files

SquareForge is now selling PDF versions of our tile sets. You can purchase Dungeons, Caverns, Forests, and Waters in Master or Expansion Sets. Each set consists of 60 unique graphics useful for building modular terrain settings.

You must Register and Log-In to purchase PDFs from our website. When you make a purchase, you will instantly gain access to the downloadable files by logging into your SquareForge account.

When we make changes to our tile sets, we will announce the changes in our Newsletters. Any sets that you have already purchased will be updated on the website, and you'll have the ability to re-download at no additional costs. Updates could include fixes, improved graphics, or more variations.

NOTE: We just doubled the size of each set by adding 2 variations of each of the 30 patterns for a total of 60 tiles per set!)

16 Tile Types

The video above demonstrates the use of the original 16 tiles, now available as part of the Master Set. The image to the right shows the tile patterns used in the video. There are actually 60 patterns to choose from! Each deck contains 30 pattern pairs, giving a total of 60 graphics per set. These can be manipulated to create an unlimited assortment of dungeon layouts.

SquareForge will offer an expansive collection of professionally printed cards of our tile sets which you may use for your role-playing games. Each deck is dual-sided, providing two completely different types of terrain.

We've intentionally kept our terrain graphics simple. The concept is to offer a visual representation of floors and walls without forcing unwanted props into your campaign. You can add your own barrels, crates, caskets, tables, chairs, and altars giving you more control over the layout of your dungeons.

Sample Modular Terrain with Cavern Walls

Sample Modular Terrain with Cavern Walls

Sample Modular Terrain with Water & Forest

Sample Modular Terrain with Water and Forest Tiles

Modular Dungeon Tiles Rectangular Room Example

4 x 10 Dungeon Room with Hallway

Modular Dungeon Tiles Square Room Example

7 x 7 Dungeon Room with Hallway