About SquareForge


SquareForge offers a modular tile system for popular pen and paper tabletop role-playing game systems. Our tile sets are designed the same way as any isometric 3D video game, with the exception that the tiles are physical. There are a total of 60 unique combinations of walls and floors. By placing the tiles together, the game master can quickly create dungeons that present the players with strategic game play. Reuse the tiles over and over in as many creative layouts as you can imagine!

There are currently 4 terrain sets available to choose from; Dungeons, Caverns, Forests, and Waters.

About the Author

Billy McDaniel

Square Forge is the work of Billy McDaniel. Although I use the words, 'we', and 'us' often, the entire project is handled by just one person. I have designed all of these tiles, manage the website, sales, support, and work out of my home in Las Vegas.

I've been playing Dungeons & Dragons since I was a kid. Today, I spend more time reading and writing, but my fascination with D&D hasn't changed. My interests include music, game design, 3D modeling, writing and of course tabletop role-playing games.

Although the SquareForge name is new, the idea of modular gaming tiles is not. My first modular tiles, constructed a couple of decades ago, were not square at all. In fact, the odd shaped tiles made the task of organizing very difficult. Over the years, I continued fine-tuning, until I settled on a specific size, and the square shape. I've experimented with different thickness tiles too, from card-stock paper, to foam-board. There are pro's and cons to foam-board tiles, but in the end, I decided that they were just too bulky when dealing with hundreds of variations. Card-stock, on the other hand was a bit too flimsy.

Finally, I had my cards professionally printed as 3.5 inch playing cards. I found that professional printing, on a hard trading card type of surface, worked wonderfully. From there, I became convinced that other tabletop gamers would probably want to know about these cards. And so... SquareForge was born!