Unity Assets

SquareForge is now developing props and 3D modular construction kits for video game developers. These products will be made available through the Unity Asset Store. This page will showcase our Unity Assets and provide links to each of our products as they are published. We hope you enjoy!

Blender for Unity - Udemy Course

Learn Blender 3D Modeling for Unity Video Game Development

Learn Blender 3D Modeling for Unity Video Game Development
Learn to Create or Edit Props, Design Levels, Apply Material and Simple Animations using Blender 3D for Unity Developers.

This course was designed for Unity developers who want to extend their capabilities to include 3D modeling in Blender. Whether you're interested in designing unique 3D props for your games, building awesome levels, or tweaking your existing Unity Assets, this course can help you get through the learning curve and put you in the driver's seat. You'll learn to Blend like a pro with a good working knowledge of all of the most common tools for editing video game props and level design. We cover all the basic terms, keyboard shortcuts, best practices, time-saving tips, as well as a comprehensive introduction to animating without the use of bones or rigging, applying materials quickly with seamless textures or fine tuning your final product with ambient occlusion texture maps. Understand how to UV Unwrap 3D objects, apply your own graphics and more!

  • Design Unity game props and levels like a pro using Blender 3D
  • Make adjustments to Unity Assets (props) by importing them into Blender.
  • Animate Traps and other obstacles for you game designs
  • Design Modular Levels for your Unity Games
  • Create your own Unity props with confidence using Blender 3D

SquareForge: Learn Blender 3D Modeling for Unity Video Game Development Learn Blender for Unity (Available now at Udemy.com)

Damaged Crates & Barrels

SquareForge: Damaged Crates & Barrels

Damaged Crates & Barrels offers 30 uniquely designed props, each damaged in a variety of different ways. Some crushed, others, burned, collapsed, sliced, disassembled, or chopped open. These props should fit into any indie developer's game.

As an added bonus, I've added the original Blender 3D Models and Textures into a compressed file for those of you who would like to expand upon my variations. (Blender 3D skills not included).

SquareForge: Damaged Crates & Barrels (Unity Asset Store) Damaged Crates & Barrels (Available now in the Unity Asset Store)

Damaged Clay Pottery

SquareForge: Damaged Clay Pottery

Damaged Clay Pottery offers many variations of broken up, shattered, crumbled, crushed, disassembled, or otherwise damaged clay pots and jars. The collection includes 15 uniquely designed undamaged pots (used as the foundation) and 6 variations of damaged pots from each foundation piece, making a total of 195 unique prefabs for your game!

Each pot has been saved as both Static (unchanged by physics) and Dynamic (altered by physics).

SquareForge: Damagred Clay Pottery (Unity Asset Store) Damaged Clay Pottery (Available now in the Unity Asset Store)