Tile Set Pairs

Tile Set Pairs

We have just doubled the size of our tile sets by creating a new graphic variation for each existing tile pattern. Now, instead of 30 unique tiles, we are offering 60 graphics in each of our sets. That's 60 Master, and 60 Expansion for a total of 120 graphics for each terrain type.

You would think this would be an easy task, but I have spent the past few weeks working on this upgrade. The best news of all is, I am not going to alter the price of these tile sets. You'll get double the graphics for the same price. And if you've already purchased any of our PDF Sets, you can Log-In to our website, and get the newly updated PDF files at no extra cost!

Bug Fix
While updating the tiles, I discovered a bug in the old Forests Master Set. Tiles 4 & 5 were unintentionally using the same tile pattern as tiles 9 & 10. This was corrected in the recent updated files. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

New Master & Expansion Sets

Sample of Dungeons Master Set
Sample of Dungeons Expansion Set

SquareForge has finally launched PDF Modular Tiles. We've revamped our tile sets to include a total of 60 tile patterns rather than the original 16. The new tiles are broken into two sets.
The Master Set
The Master Set contains 30 of the most useful tile patterns. Using just the Master Set, you will be able to construct basic terrain settings. It's like having the original 16 tiles plus a set of mirrored patterns all in one. The Master Set works well by itself as a stand-alone component for building rooms and halls of either 5 foot or 10 foot widths.
The Expansion Set
To really enhance your building capabilities, we've introduced 30 new tiles with our Expansion Set. These tiles allow the merging between the original 16 tiles and the newly introduced mirrored patterns. If you need to build an oddly shaped room, or 5 foot hallways that merge into 10 foot hallways in one scene, then you'll appreciate having the optional Expansion Set at your disposal.
Future Enhancements
When you purchase our tile sets, you get free access to any enhancements made to the PDFs that we make. For example; We are planning to double the tiles in our sets to include 2 variations of each tile pattern. So instead of 30 tiles, you'll get 60 tiles per set. (That's 30 tile patterns with 2 variations for each pattern)

We may improve the quality of the graphics, fix potential problems, or change the general appearance of some of our tiles. If you've already purchased the tiles, you won't have to buy them again! Be sure to stay subscribed to our Newsletter, and feel free to Log-In and download any announced updates at your own leisure.

Last Minute Adjustments

Last Minute Adjustments

Sharing my work on public forums has helped in a lot of ways. I've been gathering a lot of useful feedback and am working hard to patch things up.

I'm currently redesigning all of my existing tile-sets to include 60 unique tile patterns (instead of the original 16 patterns). This is a huge endeavor, but something that I felt was necessary before launching.

The work doesn't end there though! Once the new tiles have been created, I'll need to construct new animated video demonstrations, upload all of the tiles to be professionally printed, and proofed. I'll need to create new photo imagery, and update all of my forum posts to let everyone know what's going on. Needless to say, these changes, however necessary, have pushed the launch date back a bit.

SquareForge Kickstarter Project

SquareForge Kickstarter Project

There are a couple of issues that I am dealing with concerning the overall costs of production, packaging, branding, shipping, and other fees. If I can narrow all of these costs down far enough, I'd really love to launch a Kickstarter campaign. I'm still not 100% sure if I'll go that route or just stick with the print-on-demand alternative.

Please Note: Whether I go with Kickstarter or not., SquareForge tiles will still be available to purchase as .PDF documents and as professionally printed 3.5" square cards.

If you haven't already, be sure to Like Us on Facebook. We'll announce our Kickstarter Launch, broadcast images of new tile sets, and keep you up to date with our current projects.

SquareForge: Dungeon/Forest Tiles

SquareForge 16 Tile Types

We will be releasing our first modular dungeon tile set in March of 2013. The tiles will be printed on 3.5" square playing cards. Each card represents 3 squares of playing area.

The Dungeon/Forest deck is composed of 60 individual cards. There are 16 different tile layouts which can be combined in countless formations to create your own battlefield arenas.

Each card is dual-sided, showing dungeon terrain on one side, and grassy-forest on the other. With 60 cards, there are a total of 120 surfaces to build from.

Update 3/27/2013 Our decks have changed considerably since we began broadcasting these details. Now, there are 60 unique tile patterns (instead of 16) and we have broken everything into two decks consisting of 120 cards with 30 patterns.

The Master Set contains 30 of all of the most important tile patterns, which you'll need to configure your own terrain settings. This includes the 16 original tile patterns, plus 14 additional tiles that mirror the floor and wall patterns.

The Expansion Set contains the remaining 30 tile patterns not included in the Master Set. These expanded tiles help the transition between single and double wide corridors, as well as fill in the strangeness in gaps between various tile patterns. Although the Expansion Set is not required, it merges well with the Master Set.

Cavern Sample using all 60 tile patterns

Cavern Sample (60 tile deck)

Dungeon Sample using all 60 tile patterns

Dungeon Sample (60 tile deck)

Cavern / Water Terrain

Sample of Cavern Terrain

SquareForge will launch with a second deck for Cavern/Water terrains. The cavern terrain works exactly as the dungeon terrain, except the walls take on a jagged appearance. The water terrain allows you to create rivers and shores. You can merge your water and grassy forest terrains to allow forests and water in the same setting.